Southern Earth Gives Way to Northern Ground

As lines give way
See them fade, yellow to gray
Realize what is meant when people say
There are not enough hours in the day…
Always thought them fools;
Useless words – toys, not tools…
I did not know how they could feel that way.

As the smoke abounds,
Drifting in the air around
Silence breaks with drifting sound
Southern earth gives way to northern ground
Breathing, listening, moving in
A direction that allows; end to begin
Not lost; no wish to be found

These days, still mine
Though I find
Amethyst embedded in
All my time
All these lines
All my mind
That’s just fine
That’s quite alright

7 thoughts on “Southern Earth Gives Way to Northern Ground

    1. I would very much like to publish a small collection of poems… These would be a lot of fun to put into a very short illustrated book (perhaps alongside some other, similar poems). Thank you so much for the comments and the suggestion!

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    1. Capsule career; crushed chewed; careful now.
      Grow up, buck up, pull yourself up by
      Bootstraps dangle dangerously over whirring blades of
      Future without
      Boa constrictors from the outside, boa constrictors from the inside
      Better to burn out than to be
      Put out, on ice, eyes wide but no light
      Strung out or strung tight, tied right to
      You, me, our past/history, destiny
      If time is a drug, hook me up
      Already cooked up, booked up
      Look up, we already took up
      Enough is enough of that stuff
      Xanax in backpacks, pickups for when we feel rough
      Give me a pocket watch and a wrist cuff
      Fist up: held high; my, no, our time
      Why try to live life like it wants to play nice
      Like rerun Days of Our Lives
      When we’re living Anne Rice, Wuthering Heights
      When we all know it’s a wild ride
      With short days and long nights
      Live once, love/die many times
      Keep alight for whats right, all else

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