Empress Amethyst

Smoke curls like
Eager tail of small cat
From the space between
You and I
Where lit cigarette rests with callous disregard
For the air in which it was sparked to life
Only moments before

Between crimson and
Azure blue
You waited patient
While storms abated and
Strong winds pummeled upon
The shells we both wore
On burdened backs

Your feet have known
So many endless miles
On roads not worth
The sweat that forms
In circles ’round your dewy eyes in moonlit hours

Now you sit on proper throne
All hail
Empress Amethyst
Stone-cold warrior of
Blackbird swarm
Composing careful cairns
Cerebellum and epidermic
In harmony still
F***ing lit
Your presence known
By the chill felt through air itself
At the chance to hold you, the Earth it trembles
As huddled fire grows with thoughts of lending warmth
As vapor mist rises if only to brush against your soft and gentle face
As the stars above jockey for perspective of your glow
As the motion of time itself slows
That seconds might pass with less vigor
That you might be experienced for that much longer

As I stand in awe
My arms, my legs, my heart at your feet
Passenger, partner, in this
Your ascension

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