Amethyst Avatar

Don’t want to change a thing, lovely
Amethyst avatar
You’re perfect
Just the way you are
Don’t you know
Every stone has
It’s cracks and
Bits of dirt embedded
Between jagged edges torn
From the soil with
Scornful impatience

Don’t you know you gleam
With brilliance unmatched
Even without
Azure moonbeam
Glow bright beneath
Clouds or storms grey
The heavens watch you still
You shimmer
Either way

Can’t recall these
Days or night
Before you
Placed your head to rest
Beside mine
Don’t want to change a thing, lovely
That’s just the way it is

Want you as you are, darling
Want to see you
Don’t need you to be mine
So long as
You know you shine
Don’t you know we all
Come from Earth
As we all must return
Just so you know
You’re worth
Your weight in any stone or
Precious mineral, ore
Though take them all away
I want your heart
Nothing more
Not to be owned
Not to stay
But wanted
Either way

15 thoughts on “Amethyst Avatar

    1. Thank you, the notion to change what we have into what we think we want often conflicts with that we need. I have learned and am learning that there is great beauty everywhere, intrinsically, and that the only reason we can’t see it is our own expectations and unchecked desires. This has been an exercise in application of that concept, and an exercise I have enjoyed both for the immediate experience as well as the lessons that are still being taught.

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  1. So incredibly eloquent and well written. Stunning words! I love the amethyst motif, and I think that it’s really very powerful here. It’s a sweet coincidence that you’ve mentioned gemstones and an ore – I recently wrote a few poems involving ores as well! We must have similar tastes xx

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    1. You are so kind, thank you. The amethyst has a great deal of meaning and value.

      I will read through your posts and look for the poems you mention. I am always curious the way writing tends to exist in parallel. If you have any in particular that you were thinking of, feel free to post them here and I will take a look.


      1. Ah thank you! I’m very interested in the meaning of stones. I have only one poem currently posted which mentions an ore, which is ‘Oh, summer storm.’ But I will make sure to let you know when I post the others! I agree with your point regarding parallel writing – I wonder whether we have similar influences!

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