Not Wild, Neither Frantic

Oh star ’round which I turn,
Don’t you know by now
That whilst I am captured by
Your luminescent gaze
You own me
But even washed in white
We cannot ever hope to remove
The intrinsic flurry of shadow life that resides behind
These azure eyes

In the same way I
Can never hope to capture
To properly reflect from
The pitted plains of praiseful prose
Even the smallest trace of
The rapturous, enigmatic natural beauty
You harbor in your
Every breath
Every curve of your soft hands
Every swaying motion of your flowing skirt

We are born as we are given
All the world watching but
Not waiting
Not shaping but guiding
Our path forward

I stand before you
All that I am exposed
My veins pulse with
The beat of all who stood before
But not without agency

Late at night
As the crescent casts
Shade and shallow shimmer down
I bay and
Break free

Bonded not
Untethered of
The expectations cast by
Unobstructed beams

In moonlight masquerade
We show our fangs
Not bared, bare still
Not wild, neither frantic

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