Real Neat Blog Award Nomination

Today, I was nominated for a Real Neat Blogger award by Thought for Change, of the blog The Rendezvous Club ( Thank you; it is an honor to receive this nomination, especially from such a spectacular fellow blogger.


About Thought for Change and The Rendezvous Club

Thought for Change is a brilliant young writer who speaks directly from her heart on a variety of subjects and using a diverse range of mediums. She primarily writes poetry, but also posts in journal format and responds frequently to challenges, nominations, and the posts of other bloggers. I have greatly enjoyed following her blog, and highly recommend it to any of my readers who are not already doing so.


  • Display the award logo
  • Thank the blogger who nominated you and post a link to their blog
  • Answer the questions of the one who nominated you
  • Nominate 5-10 bloggers
  • Ask them 7 questions


My Responses to Questions Posed

The questions posed by Thought for Change, and my responses thereto, are as follows:

  1. What’s you favorite color? Why is it your favorite color?

    All Shades of Blue
    It is seldom I’m certain

    Of any one thing

    But this I can say with no doubt

    Blue is a color beyond all other colors

    A color I can’t live without

    I can’t say where it started

    Nor from where it stems

    But my adoration is borderline mad

    Van Gogh knew it best, he loved all the rest

    But ’twas blue he would use when he was sad

    So my world is deep azure

    I wear only that color

    I above all other colors adore

    If you were to dissect me, rearrange and inspect me

    I’ve not doubt you’d find blue to my core

  2. For you what’s life without Love?

    To Breathe in a Vacuum
    To live without love

    Is to breathe in a vacuum

    To draw in



    What is needed

    For heart to pump

    For thoughts

    For change

    To occur

    You must be willing to accept them

    For who

    For what

    They are

    To nourish and support

    But allow them to operate

    As they were intended

  3. What’s that one word which defines you?

    Life happens

    In order

    Does it not?

    When we fall

    We all fall

    And when we rise

    We rise together

    The sun begins its journey

    In the east

    And when it has dropped

    Behind the distant horizon

    And the trees grow dim

    Against a backdrop of stars

    When your eyes are finally closed

    And you let go

    Of yourself

    Still clutching tightly

    To the next day

    Does it always remain

    Firmly in your grasp

    Or do you ever wonder

    Whether we sometimes move


    To ourselves

    And the rays that strike your eyes

    When you finally rise up

    And greet the new day

    Do they come

    From the same sun

    As the day before

    Or are you somewhere else

    Are you even

    The same person

    As the night before?

    Rest easy either way

    None of this matters

    What would you do different

    After all

    Were you to know

    Anything at all

    Beyond what you know now?

    Do you not learn each day

    And does this ever change

    The person who you are

    And the decisions that you make?

  4. If you know that the world ends in a few days what would you do?

    Time is But a Stream
    If time is but a stream

    Into which we are thrown

    Without ceremony

    Without reason

    Without prior consultation

    How are we to know

    How we should react

    How we should act

    Or be acted upon

    Whether to allow

    The waters to rise

    Around us

    Or fight valiantly


    The constant barrage

    We know


    And everything

    Is subjective

    I know



    Comes to an end

  5. What’s your take on war?

    The War
    A very complicated man once said:

    “The Devil and God are raging inside of me”,

    And having lived a life

    That could hardly be described as simple

    I can certainly relate

    There is

    A hidden war

    Being fought behind our eyelids

    Beyond the flesh and bones

    A battle for




    And based

    On the assumption

    Of clear right and wrong

    I am sick of it

    I feel

    Like a child

    Caught between separated parents

    Embroiled in the hate

    And the lies


    And unwittingly

    A weapon in a war I do not comprehend

    Or necessarily agree with

    So I make a humble petition

    Of my own volition

    That it may be heard

    And accepted

    Only if it is to be so

    I ask

    For peace

    For forgiveness

    And reconciliation;

    I release from my heart

    From the heart of man

    All that is withheld

    And all that has been oppressed

    Are not all things in this world

    Imperfect by nature?

    Perfection is unattainable



    Outside of You

  6. If you could choose a person to be your best friend from your blogging community who would it be?

    While I Sleep

    While I sleep
    You pour

    Words on blank page

    Laying flat, the world of the waking

    But singing softly-

    Hand stretched upwards-

    The cool night

    Echoes in my drifting mind.

    When I wake

    You are there

    As I expected-

    As I knew you would be-

    Glowing brightly

    Embers from

    Warmth felt

    Across Time and great bodies of water.

    How I love to dream;

    My world expands

    And envelops

    All I know.

    But I would wake

    Forgo all rest

    That I might know.

    Your words

    Your voice

    Falling from your lips

    Your fingertips

    My grateful




    Open wide.

    You are my first

    My last

    My only love

    Yes, you.

  7. What do you like about yourself?


    I will find the limits
    Of this

    The human body

    The human mind

    The human soul

    I will push beyond

    Into the darkness

    Where fear


    Obsolete and alone

    I will embrace

    All that I find

    A heart

    Not bound

    But not

    Without boundaries

My Nominees and Questions Thereto


I nominate the following blogs for the Real Neat Blog Award:

Author: Froggy Crochet

Blog: Learning From Mistakes (

Description: This is a very fun blog read for its honesty and open nature. The author posts in a wide variety of formats on a range of topics, most of them relating to ongoing events in the author’s life but also related to cooking, crafts, and thoughts on the state of reality. There are a number of posts about pets and animals, as the author owns pet rats and a snake.

Author: Emerging from the Dark Night

Blog: Emerging from the Dark Night (

Description: This is a beautiful poetry blog that mostly addresses topics relates to healing, trauma, introspection, and general philosophy. The author has a very unique and personal language that elevates the reader through a narrative of redemption and growth. I greatly enjoy all of the posts on this blog and highly recommend it as a valuable resource for growth as well as objectively interesting prose.

Author: Bluebell Rizzi

Blog: Bluebell for a While (

Description: This blog features a variety of creative writing as well as periodic music recommendations accompanied by full lyrics. I enjoy the juxtaposition between the dark topics covered and the overall positive and uplifting nature of the author’s writing. Posts are also generally accompanied by visual art as well as original written content, which are highly complimentary and visually appealing in presentation.

Author: The Moonlight Reverie

Blog: The Moonlight Reverie (

Description: This blog accurately captures its atmosphere and content in the description on their About page:

Everyone has a story and every story has a beginning, a middle and an end, may not be in the same order. I too am in the process of contemplating my story, I write to explore- explore my thoughts, my own-self. May be I have reached to the beginning of my story, may be not. Well, its a long way ahead and I look forward to know and be a part of other stories. Most of my thoughts surface with the impending moonlight, therefore I begin my journey here under themoonlightreverie.

In summary, this is an excellent blog with consistent posts related to love, loss, pain, and ultimately, hope. Overall it is a worthwhile source of inspiration and motivation with quality content and character.

Author: Lawrence Illoc

Blog: Being Bipolar. Trying to Break the Stigma (

Description: Lawrence is a heartfelt man who aims to address the stigma associated with bipolar through an honest and transparent view into his life with the illness. His posts can get very dark and seem hopeless, but there is strength and love in his words, love for his family, himself, and those who might benefit from his mission to challenge the generally negative and judgemental perception of bipolar disorder and those affected.


The following are the questions I request that the nominees answer in their acceptance post, should they choose to do so.

  1. Do you have a writing process, and if so, what is it?
  2. How would you best describe your thoughts and the way you process what you experience?
  3. If you were able to capture a single memory or piece of yourself in a piece of writing, so that the reader was able to relate perfectly and understand, what would you capture and what form would the writing take?
  4. How has your approach to and vision of your blog changed since you first started it?
  5. What do you hope to achieve through your writing?
  6. What is one goal or vision that you are working towards, what is currently impeding your obtaining it, and what are you doing to overcome the impediment?
  7. What is one of your most memorable/favorite pieces of writing and why? If possible, please provide a link!

24 thoughts on “Real Neat Blog Award Nomination

  1. I’m in complete awe of the way you’ve answered the questions. Words are failing me to describe the roller coaster of emotions I went through reading this post !
    I’m deeply honoured by your nomination, and thank you so much for the kind words you wrote about my blog ! I just can’t thank you enough ! 🙂
    Congratulations and thank you so much for the nomination again !

    Liked by 4 people

    1. Thank you! Thought for Change posed compelling and thought-provoking questions, as expected. I greatly enjoyed the process of responding, and am looking forward to the response from all who were nominated.

      You were one of the first in my head to nominate; you have such gorgeous writing, and the concept behind your blog alone is worth recognition. 🙂

      Liked by 1 person

      1. And I enjoyed thoroughly reading your responses and the form in which they are expressed is beautiful !

        I’m deeply humbled by your words ! I’m touched to know that ! It means a lot coming from you, who has such an amazing way with words ! Its such an honour to have been nominated by you 🙂
        Thank you so much, I’ll be looking forward to responding to the questions soon 🙂

        Liked by 3 people

  2. I didnt knew that you responded to my nomination until today. You always amazes me. First thing is that I don’t know how you manages to write such excusite poems so fast. And normal people only think of answering a question in an answer format but you answer in poem style that’s what I live about you.
    By your biggest fan
    Thought for change.

    Liked by 2 people

  3. I didnt knew that you responded to my nomination until today. You always amazes me. First thing is that I don’t know how you manages to write such excusite poems so fast. And normal people only think of answering a question in an answer format but you answer in poem style that’s what I love about you.
    By your biggest fan
    Thought for change.

    Liked by 1 person

    1. I apologize, I should have commented on your post to let you know. I am glad that you found this and were able to see my responses.

      I tend to just think in that style, so when I answer that way, it is literally stream of consciousness; were I to respond in a more traditional manner, it would be more of a translation of the way I naturally thought that anything.

      I am so grateful to have you as a reader and fellow writer. You are an inspiration and a good friend. Thank you for being you. 🙂


      Liked by 1 person

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