Then It Grows Dark (Eclipse)

Birds float
Branch to branch
As water rushes beneath
From there
To here
Effortless in its
Slow meander
Through so many hills
Tunnels underneath

Grass drips
Dew caught in
Webs and
Curled blades
Falling softly
On grateful soil

There is peace
Loving sentiments
Carried on
Wind that passes
Over scenes not to be

It grows dark
In moments passing
Outside of
All is silent
Shadows form
Then expand
Consuming everything

In this empty
All-encompassing night
Eyes grasp for
Semblance of
Reflected back

It is here
In sacred stillness
Where all is lost
That words are gained
In the absence
Uncaring black
Life is
Blood flows
Something breathes

14 thoughts on “Then It Grows Dark (Eclipse)

    1. Thank you so much, Charles, for the uplifting feedback as well as the recommendation. I will be honest; even if the poem had not been a good fit for my typical tastes, I would still have been enthralled and grateful for the connection you made and the time you took to share it (the same way that I, as a loose vegetarian, would never dream of declining any meal made with honest intentions).

      That said, I did enjoy the poem a great deal. The structure is unique and the repetition provides a consistent foundation for both the meter as well as the narrative. I appreciate the concept, and the reverence for yet wariness regarding all of the beautiful details that pull at us from all sides, tempting distraction from the path that lies before us at the same time as adding life and variety.

      Thank you again – all the best!


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