For You

When I tried to kiss you
You turned away
And I felt
My stomach
Digesting my heart
The room grew
And the walls became
Far too close

When I tried to kiss you
I can only imagine
The thoughts
That coursed through your head
The memories
And lasting pain
That you endured
My rejection
Utterly meaningless
In comparison

When I left
The shadows crept
Close behind
As always
To swallow whatever
Semblence of self
I had mustered
Over the course of
An otherwise perfect day

When I left
I lay awake
Only of you
Of what we have gained
Of what we have learned
And how
None of that was lost

When I told you
I would wait
As long as you needed
That I would always be here
You already knew
This was a comfort
As you also know
I seek to be there
Not solely for
But for you

14 thoughts on “For You

      1. The pleasure is mine. Your love poems(if I can call them that) are written with lot of empathy for the other person, taking into consideration their pain, hesitation, caution etc and that shines through.

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      2. Well I am glad that you appreciate my writing. I don’t know if that is the correct term… The word love carries a lot of weight and I don’t believe there is a structure to support it at this point. I might prefer to call them expressions of intimacy.

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