No-one can do it for you.
Though some may

Own your
Cannot be captured
Nor can it be lost
But it should
Never go underappreciated.

From the depths.
You’ve been down
Far too long.
The morning air calls
Your name
And the night sky searches for
Your face
With endless eyes

Though you are not
You are still
You are still
You are still
You always have been
Always will be
Moving gracefully forward
Even still.

28 thoughts on “Still

    1. Thank you for the very kind compliment. If you don’t like free verse, you probably won’t like most of my work, unfortunately. I do have some more structured and rhythmic pieces though, particularly the most recent posts.

      Either way, thank you for visiting and commenting. I appreciate you taking the time!

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      1. hahahaha. No it isn’t that I dislike it. Some free verse is really good. But I recently had to study an entire volume of free verse and it wasn’t the best writing you could read

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        1. Oh, yes, I could certainly see where that might take the fun out of reading free verse… I am quite glad I have never needed to do such a thing… I am not sure how that would impact my writing. I suppose I do read some poems of questionable quality in my feed here, but at least I always enjoy them for the fact that they are fresh from people’s hearts.

          Anyway, I drone on… Thank you again for stopping; I do hope that you will enjoy my future posts if they should happen across your feed.

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