Into New Water

Into new water
Deep and wide
Can’t see bottom
Above, no skies
Float for a while
Won’t sink, won’t rise
Tread, wait to “see”
All ears;
No use for eyes

Drift, silent
On the waves
No light
Neither darkness
No hours, no days
Think only of you
Count the ways
You live inside
My head
In a haze
A daze
A thousand wasted moments
A thousand ways
To say
Your name
To see
Your face

Dream big or go
Is so far
Distant ever still
Just like me
Just like you
Up until
Time to go
Time to stay
And stay I will

Into new water
No going back
Into the shadows:
Fade to black…
But not like that.
Fight, attack
Return to being
Return to
Not silent, reserved
Not violent, unnerved
Rise above, tethered
A thousand birds
A thousand lines
A thousand times
A thousand voices
A thousand, mine
A thousand minds
A thousand questions
A single reason
A single drive
A single answer
A single sign

Into new water
Into new sky
Into new earth
Into new fire
What’s come is gone
What’s here is now
Looking forward
Looking out
Thinking clearly
Think out loud
Moving forward
Moving out

17 thoughts on “Into New Water

    1. I am very appreciative of this feedback. I honestly didn’t realize how different this writing was until I had posted it and everyone began commenting on how much it varied from my prior writing… I tend to just write and analyze afterwards, so this was just what came out. I am glad that you enjoy it.

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