Behind the Wheel

Behind the wheel
But am I driving?
Or is this road deciding
When and where I’ll be arriving?

The posted signs,
Reflecting a flow of lights
On either side:
Red or white,
Depending on destination;
in front or behind?

Rearview shows
Not where we go
Neither where we’ve been
For how are we to really know
Where we are at any given time
On this endless road?

Exits pass
No turning back
Not that I’d try,
I find peace here
Along for the ride
But in the driver’s seat
Not the passenger side.

The stereo plays
Notes and verses from another day
A different time
When you were still mine
Now they speak new words, as if to say
“This will be just fine.”

Breathing slows
As darkness grows
Fading sun
As streetlights glow
The stars outshined
Only for a time:
City lights behind,
Tightening my grip
I open wide.

21 thoughts on “Behind the Wheel

    1. That is a good question, and one that no poet could probably answer sincerely. There are skills and habits to be built, through lots of practice and effort, but honestly, the poems tend to write themselves – those who write them function as instruments more so than anything. For example, most of my writing comes from either a word or phrase that sticks in my mind and then slowly grows into a poem, like a seek in fertile soil. And this doesn’t always/often happen when I want it to (almost never when I sit down with the time and intention to write!), in fact, it often happens at very inconvenient times, like when I am biking or driving or in the middle of a conversation/meeting. I have to pull over to the side or politely leave the conversation to record my idea, then come back to it later and finish.

      So, to summarize: Practice is important. Also, follow your instincts and let the writing just happen. Don’t force it. Let it grow.

      Also, thank you for the compliment. ๐Ÿ™‚

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