The Ashes of our Former Days

Come with me, lover fair Ignore the embers in the air For though they fall in a cascade We both know they are doomed to fade Just as the stars and moon at night Are soon outshone by morning light I'll walk with you, darling, my dear I will not waver neither fear When all … Continue reading The Ashes of our Former Days

A Thought on Change

A movement through motion A wave from the heart of my mind to the shore of your heart I often wonder: "How do others perceive This world we share but do not always experience In identical or even relatable ways?" I am in love with the idea of honesty I have fallen hard for openness … Continue reading A Thought on Change

Southern Earth Gives Way to Northern Ground

As lines give way See them fade, yellow to gray Realize what is meant when people say There are not enough hours in the day... Always thought them fools; Useless words - toys, not tools... I did not know how they could feel that way. As the smoke abounds, Drifting in the air around Silence … Continue reading Southern Earth Gives Way to Northern Ground

Amethyst Avatar

Don’t want to change a thing, lovely Amethyst avatar You're perfect Just the way you are Don't you know Every stone has It's cracks and Striations Bits of dirt embedded Between jagged edges torn From the soil with Scornful impatience Don't you know you gleam With brilliance unmatched Even without Azure moonbeam Glow bright beneath … Continue reading Amethyst Avatar

Empress Amethyst

Effortless Smoke curls like Eager tail of small cat From the space between You and I Where lit cigarette rests with callous disregard For the air in which it was sparked to life Only moments before Between crimson and Azure blue You waited patient While storms abated and Strong winds pummeled upon The shells we … Continue reading Empress Amethyst