Quantum Science and Morphic Resonance

Note: This post is part of a series of prompts and responses that I requisitioned from friends and family.

The prompt, via Heidi Whitney, was “Quantum Science and Morphic Resonance”.

Dew drops on boughs and branches
The owl rests on limbs long lifeless
As daring desperate rodents take their chances

The morning’s rays have just begun
To crawl
To stretch
To reach
Into the restless, anxious canopy
All hail the dawn; our God, the sun

Beneath, a maelstrom constant blows
A hidden world that no-one knows
Or do they?

Warm beams of light bring warmth
Bring life
To pockets
Tiny droplets tucked beneath

Some grow
Some shrink
Some blue
Some pink
While others fall from safety, trajectory: wayward?

Into a bed of leaves, now dead, though life it finds a way and here that shows
For morning dew no longer true but through its moisture life much smaller grows

“All well and fine these words you’ve written but they don’t match the prompt ’twas given!”
Well, maybe you should think and look again…

For every day what comes our way is far more than our eyes convey
And nothing is repeated once it’s been.

The quantum binds and morphic ties are theories, tricky, even now to test
What’s true and best: at most a guess, and this grows truer as our subject’s mass is less

So all these scenes are just as dreams, quite real but only present in our heads
Better still it seems just having seen can change the outcome; a cat, alive or dead?

9 thoughts on “Quantum Science and Morphic Resonance

    1. Don’t underestimate yourself! You are a skilled writer. You just write in a different style. You could always try your hand at poetry too… Like any other skill, it takes much practice. I have been writing for a long time, and even still, I generate several additional poems each day that are simply practice exercises and go in the vault, not to be shared.

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