If Your Fire Should Ever Fade

My Darling…

If your fire should ever fade…
If your crackling embers turn to grey…
Leave me here;
You know I will find my way.

Find new warmth, renew your light,
Though its source may not be mine.
I’ll understand;
You must carry on, you must survive.

Paths once crossed, they often wend apart
And too often stories end, before their proper start.
Let it be so.
Take care – love you – mend that broken heart.

Down the line, behind us only time
Perhaps again we’ll meet
And I’ll love you then, like I love you, even now
And maybe you’ll love me.

So ’til I see you once again,
Shining, smiling as I once knew:
Take care, my dear
Don’t ever fear
I’ll always remember you.

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