The Difference Between

I am learning
The difference between
Intimacy and passionate embrace
Egg in your mouth and egg on your face
A kiss on the lips and a kiss on the cheek
Showing mercy and being weak
Going the distance and running the race
Feeling things out and feeling out of place

Peaceful rest and resting in peace
Letting go and being released
Staring at the sun and seeing the light
Fighting for justice and starting a fight
Knowing you and you knowing me
Freeing your mind and being free

I have come to accept
That not everyone wants to be my friend
That not every beautiful person wants to hold my hand
That not every story needs a “proper” end

16 thoughts on “The Difference Between

    1. Thank you. Life… Such a simple word, and so “common”, but so incredibly complex and full of parallels and contradictions that it both can be captured in a single sentence and would never be fully contained in all human literature.

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    1. Thank you Dawn; you are right… most people never get them. And even when we do, they are so easy to forget of neglect. I am still learning and applying them to this day and likely always will be.


    1. Yes, this all started with me trying to understand the word intimacy, a quest I didn’t even know I was on at first. The word kept coming up as something I needed in my life, but there was always a sexual connotation in my mind, and that seemed off. As I began to realize, and as I am more and more learning, that is a limiting and ultimately debilitating perception. I am learning to love without any expectations of reciprocation, to give without expecting anything in return, to build connections with as many people as possible solely for the purpose of understanding them, understanding myself, and helping them to do the same. In that journey, all of the other differences just shine like fragments of precious stones along the path, to be retrieved only briefly and appreciated, then set back down for the next passerby.

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