Drumbeat Crimson

God does not exist
As we know
As we reckon
For we are flawed
In all we see
In all we do
In all we are
Why should our thoughts be any different?

Rather than cling
To our own understanding
And judge others for theirs
We must seek instead to let go
To allow God to reveal God
To draw divine inspiration from all that is around us
From the golden rays that fall without effort on the sill and the tiny particles of dust that sway as one, illuminated in the spotlight only for a moment
From the visiting clouds that close in for embrace on the sleeping city skyline and the wayward falcons that peer from within their guarded towers far above
From the breeze that blows the fog away and in doing so rustles the hairs on your arm ever so slightly so as to cause them to stand on end

If there is a lesson to take from life
It is this:
You will always find what you seek
What you are drawn to
With your heart
With passion
With all your being
Though it may not be what you expected

So open up to the unexpected
Scratch that; expect nothing
Set no preconceived notions
Go boldly into the darkness
Without a torch
Sight is overrated
Listen with vigor
Or just be
Drumbeat crimson pulsing through your veins
Driving you ever forward
Not actively pursuing
Anything at all

For though it is true that we are able to generate warmth
We seek not to huddle and shiver alone in the dead of winter
We are called by the fire that warms us from outside ourselves
And we are in the dead of spiritual winter, my friends
At risk of frozen death

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