Abstract and Accessibility

Straddle the line between
Abstract and accessibility
Sentences hastily written
But fully composed
A broken metaphor
Sharp as a razor’s edge
Intent: piercing

The headwind holding us hostage
Turning the wheel
An endless cycle – broken
Rotations: formality
Dead but fully clothed
Reflected in the rearview
The path ahead
Apex pendulum
Momentum/potential energy (conserved)
Nothing lost, only changed
Our sacred sun – a star only
The effigy
Source and soliloquy
Rather, elegy
Collapsing, exhausted
Out of breath
Zephyr, now but a breeze
Legs up, head back
Laughing as the tears roll down
Your face: not “you”
“Me” – the difference between
“Us” – your face against mine
Soft sand, glued to pressed wood fiber
Abrasive to remove
Layers upon layers, peeling
The past is
Igneous; metamorphic; sedimentary
Indistinguishable from
Light-years between
Line of sight-our eyes
Closed, but seeing clearly
Yours, not mine
For the first time
The last goodbye
Hills, descended
Now we climb
Waving: sine

‘Til next time…

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