Even Evil

I know you have seen them
In the corners
Of empty rooms
In the stillness that comes
Just after the calm


They live
Within us as well

A culmination
Of poor decisions and circumstance

Defined by opposition
To that which we call

We cast out
And punish
On burning bridges

We fear
The power they hold
The power
We do not understand
And rightfully so

But are we not aware
The power
Of our own weapons
Of love
Of forgiveness
And humility
Has this not been demonstrated
By nearly every figure
Who is still remembered
Long after their death?

I posit then
That we should seek
To use these weapons
To forgive
And hold close
That which threatens us
Even if that means
We are torn to shreds
By flailing claws
And teeth bared tight

Have we not all had
Moments of
And did we not return to center
Not through the judgement of others
But through understanding
And a willingness to forgive

There is much in this world
That wishes to tear us apart
We have the choice
Of whether we follow suit
Or break free
And recognize
That even “evil”
Deserves to be given
A chance to be loved

13 thoughts on “Even Evil

  1. This is a very powerful piece and leaves me conflicted with an evil I am currently dealing with. Thank you for giving me another perspective. Great work!

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    1. Thank you Sara! One thing I should say: Conflict is a great word for this. I am actually in conflict myself with some of my words here. I write stream-of-consciousness style, with very little editing, and after I finished this, I found some qualms with part of the premise, particularly the part concerning allowing that which threatens you to be a danger to yourself. I personally hold my own well being with less regard than others, so it makes sense for me, but that does not mean it is appropriate for the reader. It is important to take care of yourself, and protect yourself. In doing so, you can actually provide protection and support for the threat. Forgiveness and absolution are two very different things, as are acceptance and acquiescence. This is perhaps most applicable in a case where someone is abusing another or abusing their power, and in such an instance, in no way do I endorse allowing that to continue unaddressed.

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      1. Thank you for clarifying. I believe in my instance it would be wise to forgive and move on. That way I remain safe from such evil and hopefully it will eventually stop affecting me as much as it does. I actually put these thoughts to the back of my head and your poem reminded me of them, but in a positive turn of events, I have been able to think about it without the emotions. Thank you again.

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        1. I am so glad I clarified that… 🙂 From an objective perspective, having never met you outside of your writing, having no preconceptions, I can tell you you are an extremely valuable person with a whole lot of potential, with so much to give and share with the world. Anyone who EVER tells you any different belongs in your past; they have no place in your present outside of memories (which should serve as windows to the past, not doors).

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          1. No apologies needed at all. This conversation is trapped in the ether of the internet; it may serve as valuable to a future reader as well (just in case the person viewing this is that reader: you are valuable as well. I’ll even give you a pretty blatant clue to my theme… Time is cyclical, reader, and when we speak here my words are not exclusive to the “ongoing” conversation, were there ever such a thing).

            Even if not, I’d gladly let this while blog fall to ruin if it meant helping bring a smile to one person’s face that needed it. A few extra posts in the comments section is hardly a sacrifice in the light of reminding you that you are appreciated.

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  2. Great poem dear, I suffered from night tarers for so long the evil came for me every night tell my awakening of who and what I really am, it no longer holds any power over me and rarely do I have those kind of dreams or any really because my soul has found peace at last.

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    1. I am so glad you had found peace, Dawn. You definitely deserve it, and as you state here, those things hold no power over you and never can so long as you don’t let them. Keep strong, and know that there are plenty of people, including myself, that have your back (as much as possible for a relative stranger connected vis the interwebs).


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