The Process

Is/always was
Differs from
Will be
Wishes to be
Should be

We only see
The surface
Beneath that
The real story

Finding a new

Leave behind
An imprint
Darkness closing in

When the haze of these new days finally settles to a fine mist on sidewalks worn
Shadows erased, gradually replaced – no longer night, these stars reborn
When wind it slows, though still it blows; not gale storms, but stories sings
Open eyes and morning skies; a new start this life brings

Note: This piece is the second in a collaborative project with the visual artist Riley Theodore. The artwork accompanying this post was given to me as a prompt, and based on the inspiration drawn, this poem was born.

The first piece from this project is the title poem for this blog, Objects, and the Distance Between Them.

To see more of Riley’s work, visit his Instagram at

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