A Letter to Her

The moon
Is illuminated
By the sun.
Does it steal it’s amber spotlight
Does the sun
Push its agenda?
The darkness is valid too.

When it snows
Does the Earth wear
A bright, white uniform;
Does the thaw bring
A naked form
Shivering softly
Waiting for the rain of sweet spring
To clothe it once again?

When you look at the stars
Late at night
When you have nothing else to do
Are you passing time
Or is that the only moment
That ever mattered?

I don’t have these answers;
I am still searching
Though I am assured of certain truths.

You are the sun
And the moon
The snow
And the spring rain.
The stars shine for your eyes alone
And time only passes that you may observe.
I exist to find you.
When I wake and find myself
Lacking in motivation,
I think of you
And the possibility that I may someday be with you.

I do not yet know your name
Or if I do
I have not heard it
Only to then ring through me
And burst forth from my lips
A Melody so full of love and life
Not to be contained or withheld
But to be sung loudly that all may hear.

Neither do you know mine
Or if you do
You have not heard it
As you so desire
As you so deserve
So I will not place it here
As one generally does with letters;
You will know it
As I will know yours.

I will keep looking
And listening.
I will someday find you
And hold you.
I will embrace you
As you are now
As you were
As you will be.
I will give you everything
I am now
Ever have been
And ever will be.

Until then,
I will continue to write
In the hopes you may someday receive my words
And respond.

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