One in the Same

My shadow is a dark projection of self
A continuation of the border between
The area adjacent to me
Which is most absent of light
And that which shines brightest
Nothing but physics
An interplay
And the smallest footprint thereof
My signature
My likeness cast

So what of the remainder
What of the area
Not consumed by my form?
Do I exist there as well
I cannot believe
I am only represented
In the absence
But also in the glow
Which surrounds me daily

If this is true
And the shadow that follows me
A mere fraction
Of my impact
On the scenes in which I perform
What form or lack thereof
On the other side
And which is closer
To the truth?

When I speak in a quiet room
My voice echoes back
And I am heard
I am known
But following the chain of logic
Put forth
The absence of my voice
Is just as much a part of my presence

I exist
It seems
In that which is
As well as that which is not
I exist in you
And you in me
Just as the blue skies that grace our days
And the glittering blackness that stares down at night
Are one in the same

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