Limbo Is

Special note: This poem was inspired by a post on the blog “Sara in Lalaland”:

Limbo is
A word I have known
For a very long time
And have applied
On my life
Many times
Without really understanding

Limbo is
(As much as that applies
For such a concept)
A place where souls go
When they are neither
Good nor Evil
They just… are

Limbo is
A world of black
No moon to guide
No sun to bring clarity
But no obstacles yet encountered
Just endless darkness
In all directions

Limbo is
A complete lack
Of sensory input
Aside from your own
Feet on bare surface

Limbo is
Walking through the emptiness
Knowing that
You must move forward
But not really knowing
Where forward is

Limbo is
Laying down in the emptiness
And realizing
That laying down in the emptiness
Is really no different than
Walking through the emptiness

Limbo is
Everything you were
All of the steps you have taken
By the darkness
By the silence

Limbo is
Everything you know
And are
Compressed in the now
Your past
Your future

Limbo is
A memory
That plays
Again and again
A longing
That is never fulfilled
Though you often feel it
Just beyond your fingertips

Limbo ends
When you choose
To accept
When you accept
The choice
That acceptance
Is not complacency

Limbo ends
When you decide
To move in all directions at once
To burst forth from the shell you have created
Embracing the darkness
That imprisons you
And in doing so
Consuming it
Reminding it
And yourself
That you are one in the same
That there is light as well
Waiting just outside

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