Holding Out Hope

Are so quick to judge
The flaws
And failures
Of others

Do you not see
That we are flawed
From birth
Without hope

Yet what redeems us
What breaks us
From the paradoxical truth
Is hope itself

Not to be confused with desire
Not for ourselves
But rather
For others

How tiresome
And pointless
We all were
As children
As screaming babies shitting on our parents

But they held out hope
And had faith
That we would develop
To be more
To be grown

And now we are
But we are still
And being shat upon

Some things never really change
They just become
More aware of themselves
And learn to be

But that is a choice
And one that only you can make
Some things are not kind
And have no choice in the matter
They are mean and ugly

The truth
Deep within all of us
Rooted in our hearts
With limbs outstretched

We choose
Whether those limbs
Or wither and die

Just remember
We are all born
And we will all die
But that is irrelevant
To how we live

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