Quantum Science and Morphic Resonance

Note: This post is part of a series of prompts and responses that I requisitioned from friends and family. The prompt, via Heidi Whitney, was "Quantum Science and Morphic Resonance". Dew drops on boughs and branches Still Quiet Calm The owl rests on limbs long lifeless As daring desperate rodents take their chances The morning's … Continue reading Quantum Science and Morphic Resonance

If Your Fire Should Ever Fade

My Darling... If your fire should ever fade... If your crackling embers turn to grey... Leave me here; You know I will find my way. Find new warmth, renew your light, Though its source may not be mine. I'll understand; You must carry on, you must survive. Paths once crossed, they often wend apart And … Continue reading If Your Fire Should Ever Fade


You have been told That you are too Small Young Weak Naive Silly Unintelligent Unrealistic Unacceptable Unapproachable Unrelatable Undesirable Unforgivable... You have been told that you are insignificant You have been told these things And the worst part isn't what you were told It was the way that the speaker spoke to you not with … Continue reading Insignificant