New Light

When we parted ways
I watched
As a million tiny light bulbs
Then went out
In a million tiny street lights
Guiding the way
Down roads
Now inaccessible

At the same time
New rays began to shine
From a multitude of new sources
From fires behind cracked limestone
And from cautious eyes
Peering out of the darkness
Roadways opened
Long abandoned
And there was hope
In every rock and hill

Now we move to new ground
The old cities
Slowly sinking back into the Earth
Foundations cracking and crumbling
Nothing but shadows move
The old trails are overgrown
No-one goes there now
And no-one should

These maps we know so well
Are obsolete
Their routes darkened and empty
As are all of the destinations
Our plans
Our goals
Our dreams
But we are not
We have life
And a drive to find
New light

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