A Part of Me

A part of me
From time to time
“This is what you wanted
All along.
You enjoy the darkness.
Why do you need the light?
You are not a plant,
After all.”

And this is true
To some extent.
I have always
Aligned myself with the moon
More so than the sun.

There is another voice,
A voice of reason,
That reminds me
That even the moon
Relies on the light from the sun
To shine.

“But why do you need to shine?”
I am asked
By the voice in the back of my head.
“The moon would still be the moon
Were it not illuminated.”

A part of me
Finds comfort in knowing
That this is true.

5 thoughts on “A Part of Me

    1. You are so spot-on with your analysis… But I would just say, even the darkness is beautiful. I have been spending a considerable amount of time reflecting and meditating on and in total darkness, spaces where no light penetrates. And I find peace in these spaces the same as on sunny days. It is all a matter of perspective and perception.

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  1. Depression before was a disease, depression today is the way of living our life. Right?
    Buck up dearest cobber. Darkness has always bern beautiful. It is a halo.
    So what is your tragedy?

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    1. I am going to read this as a poem, as a lovely poem that captures more than it immediately reveals… My tragedy is nothing but darker shaded brush stroke on a canvas that will some day be revealed in it’s fullness.


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