Nothing is Ever Complete

Nothing is ever complete.
There are no absolutes.
There is no perfect form
Or statement to be made.

So live
And learn
And die
Then do it all over again.

What are you
But a culmination
Of mistake after mistake
An imperfect product
Of a process
Built on
And by

So why not
Your weaknesses
The same as you do
Your strengths?

You will fail.
You will be hurt
And want to quit
Many times
But from the failure
And the pain
And the stubborn resolutions
That are born of
Persistence in the face of great adversity
You will find
And eventually

Experience gives us seeds
Of great potential
Of love
And understanding
As well as seeds
Of doubt
Both have their place
Seeds of doubt
Can grow
Into trees of despair
To be pruned and tended
Or into towering reminders
Of what happens
When we water them
And forget
That we have many other seeds
And plenty
Of fertile soil.

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