Why I Write

I do not write
For amusement
Or out of boredom
But rather
I write to survive

Have so many meanings
And those meanings themselves
Adapt to context

I write
Because I have a lot to say
But no-one
Who really wants to listen
Or is able
To hear me

I write
Because I don’t have anything else
Because I am so alone
That I fear
Without an outlet

I write
Because these words
Spill from my heart
Into my mind
And I am drowning-
This dredging
Of words, lines, phrases
This outpouring
Is a desperate bid
To stay afloat

I write
Because I don’t know
What else to do
Because I want
To know

I write
Because I write
The same as I wake each day
Because I don’t know if there is an option
If I want there to be
If there should be

I suppose I should wonder:

What might compel you
To read
If you are reading
At all?

And what might compel you
To share
What you hold in your heart
With me
With the world?

Would I hear it?

Or am I too busy
With my own words
To notice
That everyone
Has a story
Has water pouring in
And is in need
Of relief?

5 thoughts on “Why I Write

  1. Love this. I write to know what my heart is saying and my mind to to externalise it onto the page. I write often in response to having read something that makes me think of the first line, often my prose poems start like this. As a child I wrote because I did not feel heard or that anyone was listening or if they did only to tell me I had it wrong and didnt shouldnt couldnt feel like that. I write because I love the feeling of it and it keeps me company I write hopefully to connect with others and to touch another’s soul as my soul is so often awakened and touched by another’s writing. Thanks for the prompt I think I am going to go off and share this in my own blog ❤

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    1. I am so glad this had some exactly as you have described and inspired you! I have read your writing, and can say you are doing a great job of effectively touching souls and sharing thoughts freely. You are definitely being heard now, and accepted for so that you have to share. Thank you for doing so and allowing us all to be a part of your reality and extension thereof.

      As always, please feel free to share! Thank you!

      Liked by 1 person

      1. I will thank you. WordPress has given me a channel for a rich inner life I always just internalised and so I am grateful and to know it does help others well that just makes me so glad and especially for you most kind affirmation and words of support and validation. ❤

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