Objects, and the Distance Between Them

With each passing day
The light grows
And the shadows fade
Into corners
And objects

There is no shame in being alive
There is no reason to fear
Can happen at any time

Patterns play
And colors move
Far above
While great fires
Burn below
In between
Lies a world of possibility
Ripe with potential
And growing daily

Looking up
I can see
Great voids
Dotted in beams
Of time
And history

What am I?

Note: This piece was written as a collaboration with the visual artist Riley Theodore. The artwork accompanying this post was painted as a visual interpretation of the piece.

Update 3/15/18: The second piece is this collaboration is now available, titled The Process.

To see more of Riley’s work, visit his Instagram at https://www.instagram.com/riley_theodore_/

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