Art Film Dreams

Jean-Louise and Annie May had been staying on the upper story of a two-level apartment complex built to look like people of dignity lived there. They were worried, but tried their best to appear casual, looking back at one another with frightened eyes as they leaned against faux-wood paneling and chewed at worn nails. The … Continue reading Art Film Dreams


Sleepy satellites Drifting Aimlessly? Towards? As far as we know No transmissions out Though dear God We try What's coming in On the Airwaves Static Crackling Old televisions Telling stories We've never written Do you ever stare Into the spaces between Moment and moment Fixated On nothing at all A dream A song Processing Searching … Continue reading Satellites

All That You Are Sure to Be

Sweet one, How you need Someone Your eyes are calling out And the lack of breath between words The excited shaking in your hand As you reach for another Guava-flavored candy From your pretty purse Settled gently against your thigh Says more than the volumes you have spoken Though both are equally fascinating Fierce-eyed warrior … Continue reading All That You Are Sure to Be